Saturday, May 17, 2008

I'm Hot!

OK everyone, it is fricken hot here.  Who said that it is allowed to be summer already?  I'm absolutely melting.  It is supposed to be 100 degrees today.  I am seriously contemplating putting on my swim suit and heading for the pool.  Anyone want to join me?
It's been a busy and of course sweltering week around here.  Work work work was the theme of the week.  Now it is relaxation time with the AC running already.  I'm not an extreme temperature girl.  I don't really like it too cold nor do I like it too hot, I like my porridge just right!  LOL
I am having Heather and of course our new buddy Valerie over later and maybe we will go out shopping and lunch and dinner.  They should be here in about an hour with their swim suits.  The pool is first!!! 
I hope you have all had wonderful weeks, though I know some of you have had trials this week and I do hope you are doing ok now.  Hope your weekends will be full of fun and joy.  Love ya!  TTFN
Your Scent is Rose
Delicate, feminine, and soft
Your personality is fresh and understated


lisa41076 said...

Allison, can I come over and swim too ? It's hot here too, have a great weekend, Love Ya Lisa

nightmaremom said...

not fair!  It's 59 here as I type this.........  enjoy the swim

johhnw said...

Usually by this time of year we have had some hot weather, into the nintys or so, but this year cold damp weather is the norm.    :(    While I am not a fan of the extremes, I wouldn't mind a hot day.   Enjoy the swim, it sounds very relaxing.   And enjoy your evening.   J

glensfork4 said...

Holy crap that is HOT...we are 60's cloudy & breezy....

Your Scent is Mango  

Sultry, sweet, and mellow
You enjoy every moment of life!  


Have a GREAT nite...

mleighin21st said...

I don't know if I should be jealous or not.  I don't like it quite that hot, but it could be just a smidge warmer here-56, cloudy and windy.  Oh well, I hope you girls had a really great day!
                                                              Smiles,  Leigh


monicasmemoirs said...

I'm melting over here too - and I'm not ready to go from winter to summer! I wanted a little spring and never got that stuff!

Keep cool


yakima127 said...

It was pretty hot, here, too.  I changed my clothes THREE TIMES and took two showers!  Was in the 60's last week; high 80's yesterday.  Caught me off guard!  But, like I told someone else, I am NOT complaining!!!  Hope you had a blast at the pool...
And, yes, honey, you ARE hot!  LOL!  Love ya!  J

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Shewww 100 degrees....enjoy the pool!
I like my porridge just right too...hahaha

It's been in the 70's here....gonna see some
80's this week....Hope you have a great sunday!


southernmush said...

Hey Allison !!!!!!!!

Its nice to hear from you again. It wasn't too hot in Georgia and we had a little breeze today. We might get some rain this week so it might be cool this week. I do hope that you had fun with your friends. I did some shopping this weekend just a little not much. I had a nice weekend a little bit of this and that. I do have to go back to work tomorrow since I was off this weekend.

I did take your quiz you posted and my scent was : Pumpkin Pie so I am glad you posted the quiz. I really enjoy coming to visit you at your journal and its nice reading about your life and things. Do have a wonderful week Allison and take care.

helloimkara said...

Yep it is way to hot here also!  Sad thing is my hormones are CRAZY since having my baby and I am HOT and miserable all the time!!!  So Sad! Stay cool...  I would go to the pool too but Miss Annalee would melt ha!

Kara :)