Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fires Here in So Cal

Hi everyone. Hope you are having a happy weekend so far. It isn't such a happy one here in Southern California with all of the fires going on. The Sylmar fire really isn't too far from here. Over 600 homes have been lost, and they just said that this fire is being treated as a crime scene which would indicate arson. The Santa Ana winds are now supposed to last until tomorrow sometime.
There are also fires in Corona, Yorba Linda, and that one up near Santa Barbara as well. It is so sad to see all of this devestation and made even worse when some criminal decides he want for people to suffer. If someone were to die at this fire, God forbid, it would be treated as murder for the person or persons that may have set it.
Watching the TV right now and it is so very sad. People talking about losing their homes, I can't even imagine how that feels and I hope I never do. There are many evacuations, road closures, rolling blackouts and power outages, and 75 mile per hour winds have taken its toll in the LA area.

Anyway, please pray for these people, they need it and I hope you all have a good weekend. Luv ya! TTFN


Saltydawg said...

We have just started seeing this on our news cast. It's so shocking. I hope you are safe?
Gaz xxx

Brittany said...

OMG!!! I heard about this.
I love California but you guys have some crazy natural disasters. Earthquakes and Fires...My god!

I seriously hope that they don't reach you.

Leigh said...

I saw some footage on the national news tonight. It's just awful.
Keep yourself safe and well.
Hugs, Leigh

Bridgett said...

Boy, that final picture sure is bleak. :(

I'm thinking about you guys.

I tell ya, I think if I lived in Cali, I'd move to another state during fire season. It's just scary.


Debbie said...

Hi Allison, I've been seeing the headlines about these terrible fires. Hopefully no one losses their life because of them. I can't understand why anyone would want to start fires such as this. Hope you aren't in harms way.

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Saw some footage on the national news tonight. Thats horrible all the destruction the fires or causing. Hope you all are safe and not in the path of the fires

John said...

How sad.... I pray it will end soon. luvya m

D said...

I think of you each time I hear about the fires... I'm glad you're far enough away and I DO hope you stay far enough away!
love ya

Indigo said...

Stay safe dear one. Prayers on the smoke for CA. This is such sad devastation for so many, even sadder before the holidays. (Hugs)Indigo

Anonymous said...

We were down in that smoke yesterday. The air quaility was something awful. Hope you have a good week Ally Cat. Love ya!

Terri said...

That is so sad...keeping everyone in my prayers and hope you stay out of harms way!


Brandi said...

ugh I swear I thought I commented here. Grrr