Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Update

Hi Everyone, I thought I'd better update again. The last thing you saw from me was Cosmo and getting naughty. Hehe So I figured when Valerie came over tonight, to make up for that it was time to make super sweet so we can be on the nice list this year, so we watched the Santa Claus and the Santa Clause 2. Do any of you have tears in your eyes watching these movies like me? I do that for all sorts of movies that have any sentimentality to them. So hopefully Santa Baby saw that and put me on the nice list and if he did I have something nice for him come Wednesday night. Hehe

It was a very good week for me. I pretty much finished all my Christmas shopping, and had a very productive work week as well. I love this time of year don't you? All the twinkling little lights, the displays in the front yards, the work parties, the family get togethers. I absolutely just love it. Valerie is spending some time with me this weekend and we are going to Heather's family's big annual Christmas Party tomorrow night. Can't wait, it was so much fun last year.

Rene is doing well now that he is out of school until January. He is busy working and is out with the guys tonight. It's been a while since he had some free time and he deserves some fun time away from his wifey . . . but that doesn't mean he can stay away too long cause his little Allison has been reading some more Cosmo. LOL I will have to share again soon! : )~

Anyway, I have to finish up somethings so I can be ready for the Ghost Whisperer. Have a wonderful weekend. Luv ya! TTFN

You are Lively and Inspiring

You approach the holidays with lots of energy and enthusiasm.

It's definitely your favorite time of the year.

You are quite social during the holidays. You go to lots of events and get in touch with everyone you know.

While so much activity would make most people exhausted, it only energizes you more.

Of all the types, you are the most likely to treat your friends and family to expensive gifts.

You're also the most likely to wrap your gifts elegantly and simply.


ADM DESIGN'S said...

This is Santa stopping in to see you been naughty or nice!! LOL. Yes I saw that and but you on my nice list LOL....I wonder what you got for come Wednesday night!!

*Giving a wink up the chimney I rose*

Brandi said...

*yaaawn* I still need to finish shopping and I'm too tired to do it. hehe

Bridgett said...

You naughty little imp! :)


Terri said... crack me up Allison...I don't get them very often but I like reading Cosmo too...a great learning tool ;) haha

You and Santa have fun now ya hear?

I LOVE everything about this time of year...have a great time at all the parties and family gatherings...I know I will!

Merry Christmas!


Monica said...

Oh you are making me feel so very old tonight! ::sigh::

Is your sister coming for a visit during Christmas?

Have fun with 'Santa'!


John said...

Hope everything is still going well with the holiday preparations. :) Carrie should be there by now... have fun together !!! Luvya j

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Hoping your Today and those that follow treat you well. Take care and Merry Christmas to you and yours, Enjoy and have fun!