Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday and Happy Day to All of Us

Just wanted to stop by with a short entry.

I have to start out with a Happy Birthday to my friend Heather! She will be celebrating it tomorrow, January 20th. I know she will have lots of fun and hopefully me too. LOL

Another great thing happening tomorrow of course, is that we will have our new President sworn into office just after noon East coast time. I am so exciting I could pee my panties just thinking about getting that current poser out of the White House. I have had enough with that murderer, thief, and liar. I wish I could tell you what I really think about Bush, but I'm a nice innocent girl and can't. LOL

Barrack gives us hope at a time we sure need it. We need to be able to believe and trust in our leaders and I am hoping and praying that he can be the person that will restore that to us, the American people. So no matter how you voted, please take an opportunity to pray for him and our country and give him a chance before casting judgment upon his administration.

I hope Y'all have a very happy Tuesday! Luv ya! TTFN

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Dirk said...

Hi Allison,
Happy Birthday to Heather! Happy Tuesday to you too!


Lisa said...

Allison, Happy Birthday to Heather and yes tommorow will be a great day for all of us, Change is coming, Yea !!!!!!!!!, Love Ya Lisa

Leigh said...

Wish Heather Happy Birthday from me-even though she doesn't know me.

I'll be working, so won't get to see any of the live broadcasts.

Have a great week, Leigh

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Happy Birthday to Heather.Happy Tuesday to you too hun. Luv ya too

Saltydawg said...

Happy birthday Heather and we love ya Alison. I gotta say, every time I open your blog, there's some chick with perky boobies. Well as ya know booboes ain't never blown my hair back, but that cactus sure looks mighty fine ;-)
Gaz xxxxx
PS Even the word verifications, rude, it says FANONI! ;-)

Bridgett said...

Yup! I couldn't agree more!

Peace out, Dubya!

Bring on the Era of Obama!!!


Indigo said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Heather! It was an amazing day watching history unfold. Your in my thoughts dear one! (Hugs)Indigo

John said...

I had a little tear in my eye as Obama took office.... but not for the same reason as you. LOL I could not disagree more with his policies... so we will see.... I wish the country well. LUV YA!!!! m

Liz in Virginia said...

Hi Allison, just love your tags. Could you make me some with "Elizabeth" on them? send to my email, , I would appreciate it. (Sexy tags would be nice too,) lol. You are so talented.
Thanks girlfriend,
Liz in Va.