Saturday, January 10, 2009

A New Weekend

It's been a while since I've made an entry. I didn't realize it has been so long. I guess I have been preoccupied with a bunch of stuff.

Me and my sister went to AZ to be with our cousin Michelle for a few days between Christmas and New Year's. She was doing ok despite the recent break up of her marriage. Then this past week her mom had a stroke. I feel so bad for her, going through so much and at one time like that. It is so hard for me to relate personal experience to her situation since I have seemingly led a non eventful life and bad things haven't befallen me so much. If you could all keep my cousin Michelle and her family in your prayers I'd appreciate it.

Another reason why I haven't been here is that I have become consumed, totally addicted to this game on myspace called Sorority Life. I have never been one to let something do this to me but here I am anyway. It doesn't help that my friend Heather is doing it as well so we are pretty much doing this together.

Work was pretty smooth this past week with the exception of one day where I was pretty well drained . . . but coming home to the Sorority Life game kinda picked me up. LOL

I was very happy watching the People's Choice awards this week, seeing Carrie Underwood singing and winning three awards. She is totally awesome and gorgeous and talented.

I hope you will all have a wonderful weekend. Luv ya! TTFN

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Lisa said...

Allison, hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend, I'll keep Michelle in my prayers, Love Ya Lisa

Emmi said...

I understand getting into something & not wanting to break away from it. I have been into this trilogy book & am having a hard time putting it down.

Saltydawg said...

Nice to see you back Allison and there was me thinking you were consumed by the holidays.
Gaz ;-)

Leigh said...

::sigh:: Abandoning us for Myspace ::sigh::
I'm just kidding. Enjoy yourself!
I'm sorry to hear about your cousin. That's an awful lot to deal with at one time. I'll say a prayer for her and her family.

Have yourself a great weekend!

Bridgett said...

Good to hear from you!

Sorority Life, eh? I had to pass up sororities in college due to the mega-bucks they cost. LOL

Have fun!


Indigo said...

I can barely keep up with the traffic my journal generates let alone a MySpace and Facebook page. I deleted my MySpace, I have an account with Facebook but for the life of me can't get in to close it, so I leave it be.

Will definitely be keeping your cousin Michelle and her family in my prayers on the smoke dear one. (Hugs)Indigo

Terri said...

Keeping your cousin in my prayers!

Hope you have a good week!


ADM DESIGN'S said...

I will keep your cousin in my prayers. Good to see a post from you.

Monica said...

I was wondering who won the People's Choice Awards. I've been kicking myself for missing the ONE award show I actually enjoy! Grrr

Will keep your cousin and her family in my prayers.


Dirk said...

Hi Allison,
Definitely Michelle will be in my prayers.

Another online addiction, huh?? LOL

I hope you have a blessed week!