Monday, November 12, 2007

Back Home Again : (

Hi Everyone.  Well, I made it back from Arizona today, and I'm still alive!  LOL 
I was able to go to the race yesterday.  Still coughing and not particularly feeling up to par I wasn't going to miss everything on this mini vacation.  It was fun, but I was so darn tired and worn out to enjoy it completely.  It didn't help that Kasey Kahne crashed is car into the wall.  That was a freakin bummer!
I was in no mood to have any drinks and party.  Thank goodness the seats we had were primarily in the shade.  I think being in the sun would have sapped any energy I had left. 
Michelle took me to the airport this afternoon.  Good ole Sky Harbor.  I wish I could have stayed longer.  I didn't have the time I had anticipated and I feel a little down because of that.  But I guess there will other times.  I love my cousin and her children so much.  We have always been so close, but seeing her since she moved to Arizona hasn't been all that easy.  And when I get the chance I felt like I blew it by being sick.  Does that sound stupid or what?
Anyway, I won't continue to bore you.  I hope you will all have a nice week.  Hopefully I can go to work tomorrow.  Luv ya!  TTFN


byrdsofaheather said...

I'm so glad you are home safe and sound.  I'm sorry you are sick.  I could give you some TLC if you'd like! : )~


seraphoflove9001 said...

Glad to hear that you are home....and you couldn't bore me if you tried! :o) I do hope  though, that you will feel better soon sweetie. :o) You get some rest. :o)

mleighin21st said...

Hi Allison,  I'm glad that you had a good time, despite the yucky feelings.  It seems to be the bug that everyone's getting.  It must be awesome going to the races like that.  Maybe someday I can get down to MIS.  Have a great week.
                                          Smiles,  Leigh

lisa41076 said...

Awwwwwww Allison, sorry you are'nt feeling well, praying you feel better soon, sending hugs your way ((((((((((((( Allison ))))))))))))))) Love Ya Lisa

gazker said...

There's nothing worse than going away and being ill. I HATE THAT. I went all the way to Switzerland to stay will pals and got food poisoning!
I hope you feel better soon. Gaz xx

imgr8phil said...

I hope you feel better honey.  You didn't look so hot on Sunday. Well, you are hot no matter what, but such a poor baby being sick.  Take care Ally!


johhnw said...

Glad your back safely.  I am sorry your special time with Michelle turned out like it did, and although I don't share your love of racing, I am glad you got to go.   Hope you get some R&R.   Don't push yourself...  k????     luvya...   john

rdautumnsage said...

The thing about life is, it gives you ample opportunity for another chance and another visit. You didn't PLAN on being sick hon. I'm sure Michelle loved seeing you anyway, coughing, sneezing the whole package. When you care about someone you don't choose the moments for those feelings. No one else blames you for getting sick, so don't blame yourself. Now you have an excuse to plan to go back and visit sooner *winks*. (Hugs) Indigo

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Hey Allison!
  Glad you made it back home safe and sound, sorry to hear your trip wasn't all you wanted it to be, not feeling well when away from home is for the birds..I sure hope you feel better soon.....hopefully next time you get to go see your cousin you will be feeling wonderful ~ I know your cousin understood.

Feel better soon!


prettymich79 said...

My poor little cousin.  I think Indigo said it perfectly.  There will be other times and I love you no matter how sick you are.  So don't blame yourself for being sick, because I certainly don't.  Talk to you soon.  Love you lots!


mail4campbell said...

That so cool that you got to go to the race!!! I know you made some great memories with your cousin, and I'm so sorry to hear that the cold went with you....hope you are doing much better now!

carriebearisme said...

I hope you are feeling better tonight sis.  You are such a baby when you get sick!  LOL  Miss you and love you.


cherry2sweet2eat said...

aww being sick can make everything feel like a bummer.