Monday, February 11, 2008

Fun Day Evening

I've seen this in just about everyone's journal so I didn't want to be left behind and here it is for your consumption.

This is called “FIRST REACTIONS QUIZ”. You have to type the 1st thing that comes to mind whenever you hear these 33 things. You can’t think and go back and change your answers.

TIP: erase all of the other persons answers first...that way u can think in blanK SPACES.

Here we go

1. Beer:  Don't drink very often

2. McDonalds:  Fattening

3. Relationships: Good ones make me happy

4. Purple: Lakers

5. Power Rangers:  I laugh at that show now

6. Weed:  Something in the yard that you don't smoke lol

7. Steroids:  Bad for you

8. Cartoons:  Love them, especially the Smurfs LOL

9. The President:  Thank goodness he has less than a year left

10. Tupperware:  plastic kitchen containers

11. Florida:  Miami

12. Santa Claus:  I sat on his lap, dirty old man LOL

13. Halloween:  Spooky ghosts and of course candy

14. Alcohol:  makes me silly

16: Myspace:  used to have an account

17. Clowns:  weird and sometimes a bit scary

18. Marriage:  Happily married

19. Paris:  would love to go there someday

20. Redheadscute on women not so cute on guys

21. Blondes:  Don't always have more fun

22. Pass the:  salt

23. One night stands: never had one

24. Donald Trump: You're Fired!

25. Neverland:  Peter Pan, he can fly he can fly he can fly!

26. Dixie:  Chicks, love them!

27. Vanilla ice cream: Hot fudge sundae

28. Hooters:  my husband loves that place

29. High school:  reunion

30. Pajamas:  I've got a cute pajama set on right now

31. Woody:  Woodpecker

32. Wet Socks: Hmmmm.  I must have been wet for some reason! hehe

33. I love:  Life

Go 'head....I dare ya!!

You are 53% Leo
I am a Leo!  Really I am.  LOL


lisa41076 said...

Allison, I love your answers, hope you have a good Valentine's Day, Love Ya Lisa

johhnw said...

Your answers are good enough for me.   LOL    luvya     john

cherry2sweet2eat said...

I Thought i was the only ones who luv the smurfs lol

johnjjschmidt said...

Did you mean at the bottom that you give head instead of go 'head?  I'm in for that baby doll!

Jack Schmidt

ukgal36 said...

#4 commenter you are a in JERK not jerk off!
Cute answers hun..

glensfork4 said...

I am glad you played along......

Happy St. Patty's day (inside joke right?)


ktkamanski said...

I'm glad you played along! Great answers. Take care and enjoy your everyday,

stupidsheetguy said...

You're so cute, I love reading your answers to these things!  Luv ya