Monday, February 25, 2008

Tired, Tired and Still Tired

Hi Everyone!  Today was a long day at work.  Not that the clients made it long but I was so tired out from yesterday that rest hasn't caught up with me yet and fatigue is still here even as I write this.
Me, Heather, Mom and Dad went to the Nascar race yesterday at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA.  We only got to enjoy 87 laps of racing even though we got there at 9am and didn't get home until after 9 o'clock last night.  The race had a couple of accidents and a bunch of weather related delays.  I was wet and tired let me tell you.  So we finally headed home and they were planning on restarting the race at eleven o'clock pm Pacific time but the water was still weeping from the seems in the track and they finally postponed it until today. 
So they finished the Sprint Cup race today without me in attendance.   Carl Edwards won but my driver Kasey Kahne did ok.  They also ran a Nationwide series race after the first race which had been postponed since Saturday.  Tony Stewart won that race.
So, I think I will end this now before I completely lose all of my readers entirely.  LOL  I know most of you don't like Nascar much or sports in general, but I grew up a daddy's girl and I am so sports oriented.  I'm a Dodgers fan, USC of course, Anaheim Ducks fan, and Lakers fan.
I will have to start getting ready for my trip to see my sister this weekend.  Time is creeping up fast and Saturday will be March already.  Dang, today is ten months until Christmas.  LOL
I hope you will all have a happy tomorrow and be sure to include a smile on your face as part of your daily routine.  Luv ya!  TTFN
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lisa41076 said...

Awwwwww Allison, your sister will enjoy seeing you this weekend, hope you have a Happy tommorow, Love Ya Lisa

yakima127 said...

Had to run by and at least say that I have not had a good lecture in my journal for a LONG time!!!
I am pretty sports oriented, too.  You just happen to pick the sports I am not really hip on, to talk about!  LOL!  

ktkamanski said...

When I did my entry tonight (which by the way am a HUGE NASCAR FAN ~ since 19????) I found a tag that was sooo cute of Kasey Kane - but since I am not that fan, I am sorry to hear you had to indure such pain and lost of sleep. Hoping you catch up to that sleep, to be able to indure what lies ahead (which has nothing to do with a Jimmy or a Jeffy) Although Kahn is pretty cute, I must add!!!
Take care and get your much needed rest,

nightmaremom said...

I like sports.... LOL  but not nascar sorry............  you had to bring up Christmas didn't you?  LMAO

seraphoflove9001 said...

I like sports as well. I so hope that you will be able to get your much needed sleep.
Hugs to you,

glensfork4 said...

Well you will have some of us sports girls still here......

Have a great visit.


mleighin21st said...

Hey, another female sports fan here and yes that does include NASCAR.  I think there's alot more of us out there than you think.   I think being out in the rainy weather for 12 hours would make anyone tired.  I'd love to have the chance to attend some sporting events, but that's out my reach right now.  In the meantime, get your rest and get ready for your trip to see Carrie.
                                               Smiles,  Leigh

gazker said...

I am learning so much about Nascar from you and Uncle Phil lolol.
Gaz ;-)

sangrialel said...

I love Nascar too!  Kasey is my stepdaughter's favorite too.  Linda

cherry2sweet2eat said...

get some rest hun :)

johhnw said...

Have a good weekend...   :)