Sunday, September 7, 2008

For Me, It's an "A"

10 "A"s
I got this from Sharon @   Coastal Comfort
Try this one on for size:

List 10 things about yourself that begin with the first letter of your name.

1.  Allegoric

2.  Able

3.  Alumnus

4.  Active

5.  Adaptable

6.  Ambitious

7.  Affable

8.  Affectionate

9.  Analytical

10.  Amigo

Hope you will play along too.  Have a happy week.  Luv ya!

You Are Kidnapping
You love to be in control. You are incredibly dominant.
A part of you even likes to make people suffer. It's all about power!

You love to take risks, especially if the potential payoff is huge.
But you wouldn't be in crime only for the money. You're twisted enough to just enjoy screwing with people.
I don't consider myself dominant at all but this silly blogthings survey says I am.  Can you imagine me making someone suffer and in it just for the money?  I can't wait to hear what you all are capable of.  LOL


rdautumnsage said...

Strange...the survey said I was a Stalker...hmmm this one is a little messed up, I've been stalked but I most certainly am not someone to obsess about another person. I tend to like my world without any obsessions....(Hugs)Indigo

imgr8phil said...

I am Fraud!

You will do anything to get ahead. And if you fail, you can always reinvent yourself.
You probably have a sordid past, and you're good at completely hiding it.

You find it easy to lie. No one can tell if you're lying, and lying doesn't make you feel guilty.
You think people are gullible. And you rather fool them than get fooled.

So watch out girlie girl! LOL  Like I would be anything like this.  Indigo is a stalker funny.  You are a kidnapper . . . I'm sure there are plenty of guys that would love to kidnap you for a weekend.  LOL  Anyway, have a great week gorgeous.


lonestarval said...

My felony was jailbait. LMAO  JK  Can't wait to see you on Saturday.  Love you.


mastersblynn said...

You forgot Awesome and Amazing!