Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Weekend

Hi Everyone!  Hope you all had wonderful holiday weekends.  Mine was great if I do say so!
Me and my mom and dad and friend Valerie spent the weekend going to Nascar races at the Auto Club speedway in Fontana.  It's about an  hour or less from where I live in Burbank.
Although the race on Sunday wasn't the best we had an awesome time.  Valerie had never been to a race but it seems she is won over.  She says she is a Jimmie Johnson fan now after his win.  I couldn't convince her that Kasey Kahne is the one she needs to love like me. LOL  I think we both got a little tipsy drinking mojitos and such.  We didn't take Rene this time cause he just doesn't like the races, he's a football dude.  Valerie was a hit with several of the guys around us.  I sure wish I had her looks, she is so cute and I think a couple of them, and they were actually nice looking men, gave her their phone numbers.
I want to send a shout out for USC clobbering Virginia on Saturday 52-7.  Next up is Ohio St. on the 13th and we will all be going, me, Heather, Val, and Heather's family.  Heather flew to Virginia for the game this past Saturday and she said it was so hot and humid there she almost melted completely.
The weekend was capped off by a nice family BBQ yesterday with these wonderful T-Bone steaks, corn on the cob, and some wonderful baked beans.  I think I just made myself hungry again.  LOL
I hope you all have wonderful weeks and always keep a smile on your face.  Luv ya!  TTFN
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nightmaremom said...

glad you had fun....   weather here has been fabulous and spent it in the pool or at the beach.. yeah!!!!   Back to work tomorrow tho.. grrrrrrr

mleighin21st said...

Glad you had such a great weekend.  I couldn't stay awake for the end of the race.  The BBQ sounds yummy!  I managed to fit beach time around work, and the weather here was the best it's been all summer. Go figure.
                                                        You have a great week,  Leigh

johhnw said...

USC vs Ohio St.   Could be a fun day.  lol   I was supposed to attend a football party for that game, but as you know I am in other places with other issues.....  oh well....   that's life.      luvya    j

lisa41076 said...

Allison, Glad you had a good weekend, Hope your week is just as good, Love Ya Lisa

sugerb6 said...

Now I'm starving, sounds yummy! Glad you had a great weekend and hopefully a great week.

lonestarval said...

I had so much fun with you!  I'd better be quiet about it 'round here or you know who will be jealous. : )  Love ya!


helloimkara said...

Oh how fun!  We are big fans ourselves at my house.  K so I've ever seen you obviously but I bet you are pretty cute yourself.

Kara :)

gazker said...

Dunno about the Nascar, but the BBQ sounds GREAT!
Gaz xxx