Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An Entry, I know You're Shocked

I guess I haven't been a very good girl so far, not posting any entries and all. I have been rather busy, but I know that really isn't an excuse. I will just have to get used to this new bloggerville stuff. I think we are all sorta in that boat together but I do know it will work in the long run. I do feel sorry for Donna who has been having a hell of a time trying to transfer her journal. Just don't stress over it too much.

Well, the Dodgers just bowed out of the playoffs by losing 5-1. The only run for the Dodgers was once again a home run by Manny. They better sign him for next year or I swear I'm going to punch them in the nose. LOL I'm not violent so it would be a shadow punch. : )

The weather has continued to be hot, I thought this was fall already, the winds have been blowing and the fires have started up. I feel sorry for the folks that have lost their homes and that really isn't very far from here.

Well, I'd best be goin' for now. I hope you all have happy Thursdays Luv ya! TTF

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Thunder & Lightning


Leigh said...

Hey there stranger! It's good to see you here. It is different, but the community seems to be stronger than ever. We are so blessed with friends!
Sorry about the Dodgers.
I hope they can get those fires under control. Stay safe.
:) Leigh

Brittany said...

I know, poor Donna. Seriously you'd think it's AOL that did this to us, they could at least get the transferring process right.

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Hey you,
It's nice to hear from you - You crack me up. Your reads always make me smile. Hoping the rest of your week is good to you my friend,
Take care and have fun,

Debbie said...

Yeah it's sad that Donna is having so much trouble getting her journal transfered. I feel bad for her too. I was wondering if you were close to the fires I know that has to be scary. Hope you have a great weekend.

moshell's lilbit of space said...

Glad you are safe...nice to see a post from you :)

Have a Happy Thursday Allison...

tsalagiman1 said...

Hi Allison,
'Bout time!!! LOL Guess you're thinking it's about time I stopped by, huh? I'm really glad that you not only copied your journal over here to share with new readers, but that you decided to keep writing. I hate it that Donna and a few others I know about are having trouble bringing their journals over. Wonder what the difference is between them & those who didn't have a problem? In the world of computers, though, there's no telling.

Sorry about your Dodgers. Maybe next year. Right now, I hope the fires there don't come near you. Have a very blessed weekend!

D said...

sorry 'bout the dodgers.. went to bed last night with the sox down 7-0 almost shit when I saw they won.. wth!?!
Thanks for the support on my transfer AOL just sucks. LOL Have a great day
love ya

Terri said...

Hey girl!
Good to hear from you, I haven't been writing much either..just have to find the time and get the hang of things..I find myself catching up with everyone more so than writing

I feel bad for Donna too...i sure hope they can get her journal to transfer before the end of the month...

Have a good weekend