Wednesday, October 29, 2008

To Answer a Commenter . . . Please read it all.

This was a comment in my last entry, a strange time for a comment like this but I'd like to address it.

No disrespect intended... and we are all certainly entitled to our own personal thoughts and opinions, myself included.After you get a bit older, smarter and experienced, you can pretty much accurately 'guess' how and why people think the way they do.You are under age 30, live in CA, highly educated and prob. in a very Liberal school... NO WONDER YOU ARE FOR OBAMA!! Woo Hoo! You might think that you belong to J-Land, but I KNOW that you have prob never read and studied the Bible, nor do you wish to understand. If you did you would know that sanctity and respect for the life of the unborn is much more important than our pocket books. God is against the Gay agenda and abortion and most everything else Mr. Obama stands for. Please ponder on this for a while.Have a great day.

Now I wouldn't characterize myself as too young to have opinions on things that are important. I also don't pretend that I know everything about everything. I personally am for Barrack Obama because I think he has the best chance at changing the direction this country is headed. I disagree with the McCain campaign's characterization of him as a socialist. Very interesting that he would choose to pretty much call him a communist or nazi as that is what a socialist is more generally known as. I don't believe in putting labels on people because it generally is done out of spite and desperation. If anyone has run a positive campaign this year it is Barrack Obama.

No doubt that in life I will experience new things and my opinions will change on issues over time. I don't think that my youth is a bad thing because youthful thinking is what change is all about. I'm sure there are plenty of things in the conservative side of the aisle that the founding fathers would be aghast about. With times, thinking changes, and people change. I don't think tolerance of people is ever a bad thing. I live my life by the motto "Live and let live". Who am I to tell someone else how to live or what they should do or believe. That is what God has given us, free will to decide for ourselves. He who is without sin shall cast the first stone. No person is of perfection, even Jesus being a man couldn't be 100% perfect now could he? I guess I have read the bible and maybe interpretation is the problem Mr. Commenter. You, I am assuming, are from an older generation when things weren't quite as open as they are today. No one knows exactly what God is all about and what he has intended for our futures. To read the bible and accept it verbatim without realizing that the old and new testaments were written by men long after the fact of the events taking place, and to boot, translated and retranslated over the millennia, an intelligent person would come to realize that the original texts, connotations, and context were most likely different than from today's world.

So what meant something one way then could mean something completely different now. I do believe in a higher power, I do believe in God and I do believe that the core values of the bible are God's word. To think that man didn't put his input into the bible is to think blindly. Man has a way of shaping things to make others believe the way they are thinking. So what bible are we to take verbatim anyway. The Catholics have their bible and believe that all other Christians are heathens and sinners. The Mormons have their "latter day" way of thinking. The Jews don't believe that Jesus was the Messiah. Who do we believe? Are only a select few right, or are we all mistaken?

I believe as a human being that everyone has a right to live life the way they see fit as long as it doesn't step on anyone else's. I believe as an American citizen that we all have a right to the "pursuit of happiness" and that we were all "created equal". I see nothing wrong with allowing marriages of the same sex to take place, who is that bothering? Is it something that is going to prevent a Christian from gaining his pass into Heaven? I think not. I also don't think that God would condemn me for love but would accept a repentant murderer on his death bed, do you?

As far as abortion is concerned, I am not in favor of it nor would I ever have one unless my life was in danger or the child was conceived out of criminal conduct on the part of someone who violated me. However, I don't think that I have the right to instill my beliefs onto someone else. I may not like what they are doing, but you know, we cannot ever have everything the way we would want it in life can we?

I am not a material girl. You will have to talk to Madonna if you want that. My pocket book has never been the driving force in my life. I am someone who gives of myself without expecting anything in return. That is the profession I am in and that is the way I have always believed.

I don't think belonging to J-land or Bloggerville is a bad thing. I love being here, I love my friends here, and I hope they value me in their lives. To me, love and friendship and happiness should never be taken for granted.

These issues I will ponder until the day I die.

Luv ya everyone. TTFN


Monica said...

Wow, what a comment to get left in your blog. I doubt there is much I could add. However, I AM considerably older than you ::sigh:: and like you material possessions are NOT what life is about. I have a modest life and wouldn't want it any other way. McCain is the one who scares the crap out of me!


Monica said...

I forgot to add that your entry was well written! I couldn't have said it better.


John said...

Personally I dislike McCain, but I dislike Obama even more... but I believe in everyone's right to decide for themselves. Good entry Allison.... your well spoken and have sound values. But then, I knew that long ago. :) luvya!!! j

Anonymous said...

Now that is the chick I know. Well said and you make a lot of sense. I said sense not cents, don't want Mr. Commenter to think it is all about the money. LOL Take care. Love you lots.

D said...

didn't see the comment but your reply is perfect. The younger generation will help mold our future.. it's not wise to discount that or their beliefs.
love ya my friend

Linda said...

Excellent reply Allison!! Linda

moshell's lilbit of space said...

Excellent response my dear Allison...Yes we ALL have different views, this is what makes an individual.

Brittany said...

Are you kidding me with that comment???? Who left that???

I'm for Obama as well!
If McCain is elected it will be the great depression all over again X100 this time.

McCain is Bush No If's Ands Or Buts!!!

Brandi said...

I'm just going to say LOL to the comment that person left. Too young too have opinions? Give me a break, we are the future ... we should be listened to. WE count. I will listen to the five year olds of today is twenty years because the choices each person makes is for the person next in line to run the world. NO one is too young for opinions.

I'm not going to put out my political views, I believe what I believe and what difference does it make. No matter who I vote for I'm still respecting other people's opinions. YOUR commenter needs to learn that.



It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...
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It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole. But YOU GO GIRL! Take care and have a good one,

Terri said...

Amen Sista!!!


Hope you have a great friday and weekend girlie..


Bridgett said...

OBAMA/BIDEN 2008!!!! :)

I've already voted...and cast my vote for Obama.

I'm 32...does that make me too old to know better? LOL

That comment is a joke. And quite judgemental. I wouldn't take it too much to heart. For a 'christian', they're certainly eager to place stereotypes all over your head. Not cool.

Stay strong, sista-friend! :)

Leigh said...

Well, you showed him! And did a fine job of it, too, I might add. I guess we're all vulnerable to comments like that, it's part of the experience.
You, my friend, have a good head on your shoulders, and I'm proud to know you!
Hugs, Leigh

SCM said...

That was a wonderful reply to that ridiculous comment. I share your feelings on everything that you said. I think it's laughable that some people who claim to be Christians are the first to jump in line to judge others or force their views onto other people. Everyone is entitled to their own views and values, and should vote accordingly. But to judge others for their own personal choices and reasons is wrong.

Anonymous said...

That commentator is ignorant. If he knew anything about you he would never said anything disperaging about you at all. Love ya!

Lippy said...

I can't speak for anyone but myself, and my opinion of you is that you are a kind, caring person who only looks out for opportunities to be of help to others. You're also someone who puts a lot of thought into the words she writes here as well as the things you say to others.

You've brought my heart back to life more times than I can count.

I think that if I were in a position to disagree with you about anything, it would be a pleasure to debate the topic with you because your intelligence and eloquence would make for a very productive conversation.

I think you're brilliant. I think you're a great person all-around.

And I bet if God were to express his opinion of you, it might be that He wishes there were more people like you.

Luv ya.

Very much.

Monae said...

Hey Allison !!!

I sure would like to know who left you that comment because they were quite wrong. I think that this person does not deserve to come visit your blog at any time. I think that this person needs an attitude adjustment and I need to speak to this person as to what made them send such a comment as this.

I think that you have a right to express your opinions and you are a very intelligent sweet individual with a huge heart. Don't worry about such people. People such as myself happen to like you very much. I too voted for Barack Obama so let someone say that to me I would certainly address this as you would. Don't ever change Allison.