Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hi everyone, and a very pleasant Sunday morning to you wherever you may be. It's been a pretty nice weekend around here. Rene has been in a very chipper mood and even brought me home this very pretty fall flower arrangement on Friday. I do love to be spoiled with flowers every once in a while. I think just about every girl likes that.

Yesterday, Valerie came over and we did a little shopping at the local mall, picked up some cute undies and Vickie's Secret. She made me watch the Texas football game yesterday, in which they squeaked by Oklahoma St, and they will still be number one in the polls which has her stoked. Last night I made her watch the USC game in which my guys held on to beat Arizona. We looked to see Heather and her dad in the stands but they didn't show too much of the USC cheering section so we didn't get a glimpse at all.

Valerie spent the night and as I write this that lazy bones is still conked out on the sofa bed. What a lazy chick she is. LOL I hate to disturb her though, she looks so pleasant, comfortable and sweet sleeping there.

Well today, supposed to head off to my mom and dad's for the weekly Nascar BBQ. I swear, I love going, don't get me wrong, but if I don't go for some reason I am made to feel so guilty. " We never get to see you!" "It isn't too much to ask for you to show your face to your mom and dad once a week is it?" I know I shouldn't fall for the guilty but what can I say, I'm human too. I do love them so very much but once in a while I would just love to veg and stay in my jammies all day doing nothing and going nowhere.

Before I end this I wanted to thank Mary,
Just Mary , she is so very kind as always has nice words of encouragement. I do wish she would continue with us all here in Bloggerville out of my own selfish reasons, and I do understand why she doesn't want to continue with her blogging full time. Just stop bye and tell her how much she has meant to those of you that know her and maybe keep the encouragement up so eventually she may change her mind.

Anyway, looks like lazy bones over there is starting to stir so I'd better get off of this think. Hope Y'all, Valerie Texas talk, LOL, have a very nice Sunday. Luv ya! TTFN

What Your Jack-o-Lantern Says

You are a naturally cheerful, happy go lucky person.

You're the type of person to see Halloween through the eyes of a child.

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Leigh said...

It is nice to have a day to just relax. Maybe you could swap a Saturday for a Sunday and just be honest-"Mom, Dad, I just need a day to stay home in my jammies! I love you!"
Have a great week!
:) Leigh

Linda said...

I sat in my pj's today and watched Nascar! Just wear yours over to your parents! linda

LYN said...

i am all about PJ days!!
have a good week..
you are such a sweetheart...

D said...

I love jammie days! Don't get enough of 'em but love 'em!!!
I told Mary too... I wish she'd join us and maybe she will down the road.
love ya

Brittany said...

I never Read Mary's blog. But it's still sad to see people go. :(

Emmi said...

Gotta love the jammies days. I don't have them nearly enough. he he he

AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

I love the days I can just was not the day but still didn't over do anything eithers...tee hee..have a good week...Hugs,TerryAnn

Terri said...

I too hope Mary eventually changes her mind...she is so sweet.

Sounds like you had a good weekend, I know what ya mean about stayin in your jammies days...I wish I had alot more of em'

Have a good week

SCM said...

We all need a jammie day now and then. I'm thinking it should be mandatory at least once a week.