Tuesday, August 21, 2007

End of the Day

Hi Everyone!  Here it is Tuesday night and I just got done watching Big Brother.  I just love that show.  I really wished they would have kept Amber on the block and got rid of that cry baby.  Unfortunately I had to watch it alone because Rene's store's inventory is just about here and it is "crunch time" as he says.  He is pretty much going to work a gaggle of hours the next couple of days and then maybe, just maybe, I will get him back.  I need him here, especially at night, it gets kinda lonely.
Work was work today.  I really can't talk to much about it because I am bound by patient confidentiality.  But I can tell you it was a pretty trying day today.  Very much emotional and I really could have used my husband here to lean on.  I did call my mom and talked to her a while about it.
Well, I think that is about it for tonight.  Luv ya!  TTFN


lisa41076 said...

Allison, I am sorry you had a trying day at work today, I hope tommorow is better for you, Hugs Lisa

ktkamanski said...

Sorry to hear your day was on the heavier side - hoping your tomorrow brings you happiness and a warm hug from hubby! Take care of you and yours,

yakima127 said...

I may be the only one who doesn't watch Big Brother.  Sorry your day was so draining...J

johhnw said...

I am sorry your day was bad, but I am sure you know there will be more, and your spirit and your ability to manage your emotions will be what lets you make a difference in the lives you touch.  

I don't watch big brother.   lol

southernmush said...

Hi !!!!!!!!!

I still haven't seen Big Brother. Last night I watched "America's Got Talent" did you see it ? I was quite disappointed seeing the finale. I don't think I will watch it anymore.

Today I had another day of jury duty. Tomorrow will be the attorney's giving their closing arguments. I can't wait until this case is done with. I'm sorry to hear about your day. I hope your day will be quite better tomorrow.

Take care