Sunday, August 19, 2007


Happy Sunday to everyone!  We had plans to go out and see a movie and have lunch, but low and behold, Rene was summoned into work at the last minute.  We were just seconds away from leaving too.
So I have got to figure something out to do.  I am sure my dad's weekly Nascar party is still going on despite the race being rained out.  I'm sure that is a bummer.
It's a nice day outside, a little on the warm side but pretty much what one would expect for a day in mid August in Southern California. 
It will be back to work in the morning.  At least I have Big Brother on TV tonight.  I just love that show.  What a coup they pulled on Dustin the other night.  Everyone wanted Dick out of the house all week and Dustin wanted to be put up as a pawn, and as so often happens the pawn is the one that leaves.  He will be the first person in the sequester house.
I'm sure I have taken enough of your time today so I'd better mosey on along and find something to occupy my time.  Luv ya!  TTFN


johhnw said...

I found something to do for myself...  I baked a large batch of oatmeal raisin cookies !!!   Came out pretty good too.  ;)  Hope to catch you online one day soon.  luv ya

southernmush said...

Hi !!!!!!! I have been hanging at the house today. Its been 86 degrees in my neck of the woods and yes I love it. I am sorry to hear that your plans got messed up maybe you will have better luck next weekend. I haven't been watching Big Brother. I have been watching the travel channel and the food network. I miss seeing "Bones" on Fox and "Blood Ties" on Lifetime. Anyway....I hope you get to enjoy the rest of your weekend. Take care.

ktkamanski said...

Hope your day was a fun one anywho! It rained here most of the day. I just returned from Southern California and loved it ~ Miss my old stomping grounds. Hope your tomorrow brings you happiness!