Friday, August 31, 2007

Weekend Time

I had a really good day today.  I woke up this morning and miraculously my headache was gone, or was it because I medicated myself very well before I hit the sack?  Either way, I was cheery and rosey this morning.
Work went pretty well also.  I don't know, I guess maybe I was in a great mood today because it was the last day before the long Labor Day weekend.  And to all you guys out there Labor day doesn't mean we are pregnant!  LMAO    We are going to go to the race in Fontana on Sunday!  I can't wait.  Even better news than just that is we are going to get to go into one of the skyboxes which just happen to be AIR Conditioned.  It is supposed to be around one hundred degrees and this girl will wilt under that type of heat.   Go Kasey Kahne!
Here it is Friday night and here I sit waiting for Rene.  He will be home later from work.  He does have to work tomorrow and Monday but he did swing it so he could be with us at the race.  Let me tell you, he has never had a great time at a race, and he better had this time or I swear he is going to get it.  One time when we went he got jealous because some guy was talking to me.  Someone has to tell Rene that I can't help it if I am beautiful, it's just a fact!!  I hope you all know that I am kidding on that one.  I'm not conceited in the slightest and I never rank my own looks, only in jest. 
Well, I think I have said enough and don't want to overstay my welcome in your computer screens in your homes, so I willbid you adieu.  Have a marvelous weekend everyone!  TTFN


yakima127 said...

You're so funny!  I am betting you ARE beautiful, just from getting to know your heart in this journal...J

lisa41076 said...

Allison, glad your headache went away, did you know Gatorade can make a headache go away very fast, 2 full glasses and poof, I'm not kidding, have a great weekend, I'll miss you when I'm gone, Hugs Lisa

ktkamanski said...

Oh I am soooo jealous!!!! I had the same seating arrangements when I went to the race in Las Vegas (Earnhardts section -you never have to face the heat - everything is air conditioned ~ Enjoy ). So happy to hear you found away to escape that awful headache. Hope you enjoy you and yours this holiday weekend! Take care of you, my friend,

stupidsheetguy said...

Oh this is the big Race weekend. I hope it goes well, and I hope Rene knows what's good for him and enjoys it :)

Have a good weekend!