Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Morning

Here it is Sunday morning.  Rene came home late last night.  They are preparing for inventory so he is putting extremely long hours.  He is already off back to work this morning because the person that was supposed to be opening his store called him because they couldn't make it.  Rene was really pissed about that.  He was ranting and raving this morning and really it was a lot more peaceful around her once he finally left.
Sometimes I like being alone.  I have been alone a lot lately.  Even when Rene has off time from work it seems like he would rather be out at some bar with his friends.  When he is here it seems like he is constantly mad about something and it tends to bring me down.  So right at this moment I'm happy to have some peace around here.
Maybe I can call my friend Heather and maybe we can get together for a while.  Rene doesn't seem to like me spending too much time with my friends but it is OK for him to do that.
I have reconnected with a couple people that meant a lot to me when I was around online before.   I really value your friendship, it means a great deal to me and I wish I hadn't gone away like I had to.  I hope y'all understand that I had my reasons and that I don't know how long this may last this time either. 
Well, that is about all for now.  Have a good Sunday!  TTFN
I called Heather and she is going to meet me over at my mom and dad's for his weekly Nascar party/bbq.  So at least there  will be something fun to do today.: )


johhnw said...

Its nice to have peace and quiet.  Rene has good reason to be upset with his workforce, but he needs to learn not to bring you down with it.   I hope you have a very fun day, you deserve it.   I am so very happy you have come back, I have missed you.

tpiez4me said...

Hi Allison!  I love my quiet time too...not too much of it lately.  I'm guessing Rene is under a lot of pressure at work, I remember how inventory was!  So I see you were in J-land before....welcome back.  Sometimes it's good to have a place to bounce things around in and get feedback....I know it keeps me sane.
Sharon - Coastal Comfort