Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day

Good Morning, or should I say good afternoon to many of you out there. 
I'm a bit beat after yesterday.  A long hot day at the racetrack.  It was an awful lot of fun!  Although this girl didn't melt entirely, I did wither!  LOL  Thank goodness for air conditioned suites.  We did get to go down into the pit area before the race.  Not much going on down there on a race day but nonetheless it was exciting.  All the people milling around.  We did get a good glimpse of Stevie Wonder who was there to give the "start your engines" command.
We had some decent food in the suites but of course the big hit with everyone was the open bar.  I don't want anyone to think I'm a lush but I did have me share of Crown Royals and Pepsi . . . yummy! 
Kasey Kahne didn't win, that was Jimmie Johnson, but he did have a good race and he is so cute!  Rene actually seemed to have a good time yesterday.  The previous time he went to the track with us he didn't care if he was there and was mad at me when some guys were talking to me and paying me a lot of attention.  This time he just relaxed, kicked back, enjoyed a few drinks and was in a very happy mood all day!
I noticed that Carrie Underwood has a new album coming out next month!  Yeah!  I am so ready for new music by her.  She is definetly my favorite musical artist.  She has a new song called "So Small" that you can listen to and here is the link to her official website. Carrie Underwood Official Site
I hope everyone out there will have a wonderful Labor Day.  My honey is at work today.  Luv ya!  TTFN


ktkamanski said...

Happy to hear you had a great time! Hope your tomorrow brings with it the same kind of happiness! Take care and enjoy ~ Keep having fun!

yakima127 said...

I am glad you had a good time!  Wilted isn't so bad!  LOL!  J

southernmush said...

Hi !!!!!!!!

Good evening. Today I had a wonderful day out. I went to a place called "Discover Mills" which was a huge huge huge huge huge huge huge huge place. I loved every minute of it. I can't wait to go back. I would have liked to have gone to the race track but I had plans today. I enjoy Carrie Underwood on your journal I am glad you are sharing her with us. I want to thank you for being here at J-Land. I hope you around for a long long time.

imgr8phil said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun.  I wish I could say that I wished I was with you but it was too damn hot for me to sit out there.  Have a good week beautiful.  Keep smiling and as Monae says, I hope you stay around for a long time.


glensfork4 said...

I thought I would stop by and say hello....I will be back...


lisa41076 said...

Allison, sounds like you had a fun Labor Day, Hugs Lisa