Friday, September 7, 2007

Questions Answered

Yea!  I have some questions to answer.  I was looking forward to this all day, I hoping for more responses, but beggars can't be choosers.
John asks:
Well..  hmmmmm...  any five questions???    Do you swallow??    JOKE!!!!!   Just kidding...   Just had to lighten the mood.    What I would ask is how you see yourself in five years, then in ten years.   Do you think you will be happy that you have made all the choices you have....  marriage, job, all of those things... ????    You are open and caring.. and I love knowing you, thank you for being the person you are.  :)
Well John, let me start by saying that I did say anyone could ask any question they wanted of me no matter how explicit.  Do you really want to know if I swallow?  What will you be doing with this information if I were to give it to you?  Is that how you men lighten the mood by talking all sexual about women and desiring us through dirty thoughts?  Anyway, I will answer your more intriguing questions now.  In five years I see myself with a family started and flourishing in my career.  In ten years, pretty much the same, and hopefully at least two children by then.  As for being happy by then, I anticipate being happy because I am positive by nature and would never contemplate that so much negativity in my life would end up my legacy.  I know I will be happy no matter what.  Thank you for the compliments, and I love having my ego stroked!  LOL
Katie Asks:
I enjoy your reads and what you have choosen to put in your journal. Questions hmmmmmm - If there was something in your life you could change, what would it be and why?  What is one of your dreams?  If you had to choose one food and one food only to eat for the rest of life - What would it be?  Do you prefer mountains or ocean, water or land?  What is the strangest thing you have done in your lifetime? Looking forward to the answer you will share - Thanks for your reads! Hoping your Friday is a happy one with a wonderful weekend to follow.
Well Katie, I think the first question is rather simple for me.  I went to college and left for a while and started working at the bank.  If I had to do it all over again I would have stayed in college and completed my four years by the age of 22 and not the age of 27.  It would have been five more years of a career or I may have gone for my Masters degree. 
You ask what one of my dreams is and having a loving happy marriage with a wonderful family of my own to watch grow has always been my ultimate dream.  I am part way there and hopefully the rest will follow in the future.  Choosing one food isn't easy, but let me give a crack at it.  I'd have to say Popcorn.  Just kidding!  I'd have to say salads because you can dress them up with anything  you want!  LOL  I hope that isn't cheating the question!  As for mountains or ocean, I'd have to say I like the mountain craters of Maui . . . here I can have the best of both worlds!  I do like the ocean best!  As far as strange things I may have done, well, I think the strangest things I may have done aren't the kind of things I could share in this journal.  Hehe  I'm a pretty tame girl, and I suppose conservative at times, I don't really have anything that I could tell you that was particularly strange.  I'm sorry.
Jae asks:
Someone asked me this recently, so I will ask you, since it really takes you back to a time of free-flowing dreaming...
Think back to Elementary School...What did you want to be when you grew up?  Did you get there?  Did you change your mind?  Or did you just get off-track and anticipate still achieving that dream?
If you did change your mind, do you remember when and why?

That is such a good question!  Well, when I was about nine years old I really thought I wanted to be a nurse.  I saw myself forever helping people and helping them through any hard time that they had while in the hospital.  Of course I didn't get there and it is hard to pinpoint a moment in time when I gave up on that.  I think as I grew, I still wanted to help people, but I lost the interest to be working in a hospital for some reason.  It wasn't until a couple of years ago I decided I could help people, but in a different way by becoming a counselor or a psychologist.  I really enjoy children and that is my long term goal, being there to help the defenseless child that needs to be taken care of, that needs be heard and understood.  I feel I have a knack for that.
I hope I will get a slew of questions to come.  I really enjoyed this.  Give me hypothetical situations.  Ask anything, I think this is loads of fun. 
I hope everyone out there has something fun planned this weekend.  I'm not sure what I'm doing yet, besides going to my Mom and Dad's tomorrow for his weekly Nascar bbq.   Have a great Weekend!  Luv ya!  TTFN


mleighin21st said...

Hi Allison,  I haven't had a chance to stop by lately, till tonite.  Love these questions!  You really get to know people with these questions and answers.  It's great.  I enjoy coming here and seeing what you're up to.  The NASCAR BBQ's sound like alot of fun.  Enjoy!
                               Smiles,  Leigh

lisa41076 said...

Allison, I enjoyed hearing your answers, have a great Sunday, Hugs Lisa

yakima127 said...

Your answers are GREAT!  J

helloimkara said...

Very fun idea!!! Loved the questions and answers

Kara :)

ktkamanski said...

You cheated but it was worth it! Love this kind of stuff - helps getting to know a person a bit better. Hope your enjoying your day - Take care and have fun!

imgr8phil said...

I love the answers, can't wait to hear what they will come up with next and what you will have to say.  Take care beautiful.


hadonfield78 said...

OK, I just came across this.
I have questions to which I am desperately seeking answers...
Can you help me ??

hadonfield78 said...

Here are my questions...................

1)  What is it like to be Young in todays world ??

2)   Is it optimistic or depressing ??

3)    Of all the events in our current time............

      Which do you think has had the most impact on you and your

johhnw said...

Allison sez---> Is that how you men lighten the mood by talking all sexual about women and desiring us through dirty thoughts? ....  For a person so concerned with negativity directed at her, you are pretty free passing it out...  ROFL...  But I do still love you and your openess..  you did a BEATIFUL job answering these questions, and you have so much goodness to share.  You are in the perfect job and I hope you will always remain so full of the good parts of life.   :)    luvya!!!!