Saturday, September 8, 2007

More Answers for Your Questions

Hi Everyone!  I see I have some more questions to answer.  Yippee!  I think this is so much fun.
Jimmy asks:
I always want to ask people really deep questions, but sometimes I just like to know something basic and down to earth. So this question is basic. Would you say you're as happy as you can be at this moment? What would you do tomorrow to make your life happier?
Well JP, I'd say that I am extremely happy at this moment of time.  I've always generally been happy, but embarking on the career path I have chosen and getting married has made me a much more grounded woman.  To make my life happier tomorrow, well tomorrow meaning a few years down the road hopefully, I will start my family.  That will be such a wonderful thing.  I want a family of my own so badly.
Hadonfield asks:
"OK, I just came across this.
I have questions to which I am desperately seeking answers...
Can you help me ??"
Here are my questions...................

1)  What is it like to be Young in todays world ??
I don't think that you are old by any means.   And  you are handsome as well.  Being young in today's world, I guess compared to maybe an earlier generation can be described as being more hectic.  I'm thinking that there is so much more to do, or going on.  More things to be able to get in trouble with as well.  So many people my age, and younger, get themselves into trouble faster and feel that they are entitled to a great life without earning it in my opinion.  I know people aren't as fortunate as I am but I wish they would put the effort to do their best.  It is a complicated question and I'm sure I could come up with more ideas if I thought longer.  I do enjoy being young and I am having the time of my life.  I hope I enjoy whatever age that I am lucky enough to reach.

2)   Is it optimistic or depressing ??
From me you will only get an optimistic point of view.  I'm a glass is half full type of person.  I see a great future for my generation as well as our country and the world.  To me being depressed is just negativity that ends up spreading to others and I always say that negativity is a drain on the soul.

3)    Of all the events in our current time............
      Which do you think has had the most impact on you and your generation?
That is such a great question.  I'd like to say that it is the war in Iraq which will forever shape our vision on how we deal with foreign governments that we don't like as a nation.  But I am concerned with general violence in our society and how my children will grow up.  It concerns me that people could prey on them or kill them on a whim.  I try not to think too much about that because as I have just answered, I am optimistic by nature.  Thank you so much for the questions.
Thank you so much everyone for the thoughtful questions.  I hope that I will receive more.  They sure do make me think and I love that.  Have a wonderful Saturday night!  TTFN


lisa41076 said...

Allison, great answers !!!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

hadonfield78 said...

Thank you for your answers.  It is nice to hear an opinion of others.
It sounds to me like you have your head on straight and are foccused to face the future.
Awesome Job...

stupidsheetguy said...

Ok One more to test your imagination...

For one day, you get to take on the life of a fictional character. Who would you choose?