A long time ago In a decade not so far away

I met my sweetheart on a sunny warm beautiful day

You smiled at me and I felt goosebumps

You winked at me I was no longer a grump

With that amazing personality you transformed me

With that loving disposition for the first time I felt glee

Then time and distance we were now apart

I entered the battle, I was desparate

You were never far from my mind, this much is true

when I came back home, like a bird I flew

Seeing you once again, That's a memory I'll ne'r forget

The most incredible of feelings
Felt like the time we first met

Like a novel, The book is still open

To an unconditional love, for you and me I'm hopin'

Everything happens for a reason, this much I know is true

You've shown me a certain passion, and baby, I love you!

Allison Marie Barker