Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mid Week Malaise

Hi Everyone!  I haven't really been around for a couple of days because I have been feeling kinda down.  I don't know that I really have any good reason for feeling this way, yet here I am.
I did just download Carrie Underwood's latest released single entitled "So Small".  It is the video that I downloaded and of course Carrie is as pretty as ever in it.  I can't wait until next month when her album finally is released.  I have forgotten for two days now to go to Best Buy to pick up Rascal Flatts latest album.  I think if I didn't have my head attached firmly on my neck I'd forget that too!  LOL
I just wanted to let Phil and Christine know that I am thinking about you all and Phil's mother.  I'm saying my prayers and hoping things continue to work out OK for her.  I love you both.
I also wanted to say it was so nice chatting with my sister Carrie yesterday, but online chats aren't the same as being on the phone, which is also not the same as being there.  I love you my sweet sis and miss you so very much.  I hope it won't be too long until I get to see you again.
Anyhoo, enough of the family hour.  I hope everyone out there had a bright Wednesday and that your Thursday will be just as good.  Remember to be positive and keep love in your heart always.  TTFN


lisa41076 said...

Allison, sorry you have been down, I've missed you !!!!!!!! Have a good Thursday tommorow, and enjoy CSI, Hugs, Love Ya Lisa

ktkamanski said...

Sorry to hear your feeling a little on the blue side.  My sister has a way of making my heart smile ~ I hope your visit (via on line) with your sister brighten your spirits and brought smiles to your heart. Enjoy your today with hopes of a better tomorrow! Take care,

rdautumnsage said...

((Hugs)) Life is never fair when it leaves us feeling this way is it? In the end it's our love for family and friends that evens up the odds. I'm back for now and thinking of you dear heart. Your in my thoughts and prayers on the smoke that things soon look up for you. (Hugs) Indigo

mleighin21st said...

Aww, I'm sorry to hear you have the blues.  Missing family just sucks.  Hope you get to see each other really soon, and that things smooth out for you.  Everybody gets this way sometimes, and when I do, I don't feel like writing very much either.  We'll be here if you feel like talking, till then take care of yourself.                   Smiles,  Leigh

johhnw said...

Hey cute one...   I am sorry you have been down.   I am glad you got to talk to your sis.   I do hope you get to see her sometime soon!!!   If it makes you feel better, I luv ya!!!!    :)   J

imgr8phil said...

I love Carrie Underwood's new single.  That girl is so talented and of course beautiful.  Glad you talked to your sister.  Take care baby cakes!  LOL