Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Today is Hump Day

Hi Everyone,  I hope your hump days turned out to be happy ones.  I happy today.  The world is just so wonderful!  I don't like being down so when I get that way for a day or so I find a way to pick myself up.
It seems that many of you didn't much care for my choice of TV shows yesterday.  I needed to watch something fun and it helped to put me in a good mood.  I did also watch that show Carpoolers afterwards.  That show is so silly.  I do like Jerry O'Donnell who was in a show I watched several years ago called Sliders.  I don't know if any of you saw that show but I liked it, kept my interest.
So I got to thinking, what other shows have I liked over the years or currently.  Maybe you will have the same taste as me and maybe you will think, wow Allison what a dork for watching those shows!   
I do like Sci Fi shows.  Steven King movies and mini-series have interested me.  I used to watch Star Trek the Next Generation and do sometimes still.  I was a big Buffy the Vampire Slayer lover.  I used to not be able to wait for that show and another show called Dawson's Creek.  Then there was this show that was cancelled a couple of years ago called American Dreams.  I loved it and it only lasted like two or three years.  Wholesome TV so I guess that is why it didn't last longer.  For comedy I can still be seen chuckling at an episode of Seinfeld.  That show is so funny, all the dysfunctional characters in it.  Come to think of it, maybe that is my motivation forbecoming a therapist, you think?  LOL  And I really love watching the show Lost.  Sawyer is such a baby cakes!  Let me know what shows you watch and maybe we watch some of the same things.  And of course like so many others I couldn't wait for the next episode of the Sopranos which is now over!  One last show to give props to is the Ghost Whisperer.  If you aren't doing anything on Friday nights at 8 be sure to tune in to CBS.
I got weirded out today while I was in my car headed home.  I was at a stop light waiting for it to turn green and there were these two guys staring at me wiggling their tongues at me.  It kinda spooked me a little.  There was a lot of traffic around so it wasn't like I was alone on a street with them or anything.  But it seemed they followed me for a while.  It was a bit scary until they finally turned off onto another street.
I can't wait for two more weeks to come.  Carrie Underwood's new album will be out.  I just love her music, of course I've said so before, but I'm saying it again, OK!  LMAO 
I had a few nice conversations last night.  I was excited to get the chance to talk with Jimmy from, you guessed it, the East Coast, Jersey!  He is such a cool guy and he has a very big heart.  I know some of you may know him from the Stupidsheet
Anyway, I best get out of Dodge before you get totally bored to death here.  I'm just in a talky mood tonight.  Luv ya all for stopping bye!  TTFN


lisa41076 said...

Allison, glad you had a good hump day, hope your day tommorow is great, Love Ya Lisa

buggieboo1 said...

I watch Lost! I watched Seinfeld when it was on. Not in re-runs though!
I LIKED Rock of Love with Bret Michael (sexy). I like Scrubs, ER and my name is Earl, Deal or No Deal. The Tattoo Shows on TLC (L. A. Ink and Miami Ink).
~make it a great day!~

carriebearisme said...

Just checkin' in to say hi to my little sis.  Such a good entry about your likes.  I miss watching TV with you Ally.  That is a little bit scary with those guys in the car next to you.  Such creeps.  Love you lots!  Talk to you soon.


johhnw said...

I don't watch much TV, but I think any show that makes you feel better is a good show.  I am sure very few watch the shows I watch.   LOL    It was strange about those guys in the car.  Creeps....    I hope  you stay happy the rest of the week, and hope we can talk one day soon...   :)    luvya, john

rdautumnsage said...

I don't like watching a lot of tv. So much they have on these days has become predictable. I like to think for myself and be challenged. Once in awhile I give in to the urge to watch, especially around Halloween. I'm a big horror movie fan. The way I see it after everything I've been through in my life, it's easy to believe that life can by ugly and filled with horror. At least when I watch a movie of this genre, I can always turn the horror off , at one time I couldn't in my own life.

As for shows I do like when I watch, Supernatural on Thurs. nights, Ghost Whisperer I was following for a while, have to get back into watching it again. Doc and I both went on a Soprano's Marathon, renting all the years series it was on and watching it in a weeks time. We have another  year I believe before the last season is released on DVD.

I loved watching sliders, Jerry O'Donnell is definitely easy on the eyes. I checked out Carpoolers when I heard he was in it. Still debating whether I like it or not. I'm also a huge Stephen King fan. More a fan of his books than his movies. I find if I read the book before hand I'm usually disappointed with the movie version. Two of his movies that I felt lived up to par. are the original "Shiner" and "Carrie". (Hugs) Indigo

glensfork4 said...

I watch Lost, Grey's, Extreme Home Makeover (cry every time), The Shield, Desperate H/W, Bro's & Sis's...that about covers it. Do love Stephen King stuff too, but I read them 1st and usually pick them apart. The books are always better.


yakima127 said...

So far, we share the same love for Carrie Underwoods music, and the show "Ghost Whisperer."  I do watch Seinfeld re- runs, but oddly, I never watched it when it was still in series.  Except the very last one.  I did make a point to watch that one.  And it was so weird!  LOL!
I try to watch all the "Intervention" episodes, but it is on at like 7 p.m. on Direct Tv, so I keep missing it!
I have been totally into the shows on Discovery, lately.  Don't know why.  And of course, "The Dog Whisperer" on National Geographic Channel.  I am OBSESSED with him!  Oh, and his work...LOL!  
By the way...
J.P. HANDS DOWN!  Apparently, I am not the only one!  J

helloimkara said...

I also loved American Dreams! That was such a cute show. I love Lost also and Seinfield is one of my all time favs!!!!  I LOVE way too many shows... like... Survivor, 24, Prison Break (Im in love with Wentworth Miller), Lost, Heroes, Greys Anatomy, House, and I love Deal or No Deal hahaha!

Kara :)

southernmush said...

Hello !!!!!!!! I dropped in and I wanted to add a few words. I have been watching a new show called "The Big Bang Theory" and its quite funny. I have also been watching the show "House" and I have been watching the Hallmark channel and the Food Network. I too loved "Dawson's Creek" I was a huge fan of that show. I still love to see the reruns of Seinfeld. I like Ghost Whisperer but I haven't seen it lately. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Take care.