Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hi There

Hi Everyone.  Thank you for the nice graphic Dianna! It's been raining her quite a bit the past couple of days and should do so for the next couple as well.  This has pretty much been the bright side of week thus far. 
Upon reflection, I guess a lot of it has to do with what has been going on in my life.  First, of course, this is my sister Carrie and what she has had to go through lately.  That has been draining cause I worry so much.  She is home and doing pretty well.  She has now had a couple rounds of chemotherapy.  I wish I could take it for her so she wouldn't have to go through all of that.
Then, this week at work has been very trying on me.  It has been very emotional to say the least.  I cannot go into details but working with children has always been my goal in my career and I have had that chance lately.  Let me just say that what has going on is to bad that it would make you all cringe.  So very sad.   It is going to be a long process and I don't know if I am qualified to be the one that can help.  I will try but it may be beyond my training.
Last but not least is the traffic accident I was in this morning.  Some moron was obviously going to fast for the slippery conditions on the road, and didn't see me stopped, and by the time she realized I was stopped, BAM, she came skidding and slammed right into my rear end.  Of course she was driving an SUV so my little Honda Civic is pretty much destroyed.  I'm ok, or at least I think I am.  I am a bit sore and did go to the doctor before, the trooper I am, made it into work.  I have maybe a couple of bruises, nothing broken, but maybe some possible whiplash in my neck.
Anyway, that is about all for today.  I hope you have all had better weeks than me.    I will leave you with one survey.  I need it to cheer me up.  Luv ya!  TTFN
You Are Definitely Not a Hippie
In fact, you're so conservative, you make George Bush look like Jerry Garcia.
You're not big on experimentation or alternative lifestyles.

Fringe ideas tend to freak you out. You're pretty suspicious of hippies - or anyone who sympathizes with them.
As hippies would say, you are the establishment. You're part of the system... and proud of it.


cherry2sweet2eat said...

the animation on the graphics looked like it stopped. And where did that chickenhead get her liscense outta a cereal box?

lisa41076 said...

Awwwwwwwww Allison, I'm sorry you had a bad day hon, hope tommorow is better, If you need to talk I'm here for you, Love Ya Lisa

rdautumnsage said...

Glad to hear your ok hon. Hope your insurance comes through for you. I continue to keep your sister in my prayers on the smoke. You have definitely had a full shelf of stress to keep you on edge. Having been one of those kids that had a childhood that would make someone don't have an easy task on your hands. I have faith in you hon. Why? simply because your willing to admit when something may be more than you can handle. That means your actually listening and taking this childs well being to heart. I could of used someone like you when I was growing up. (Hugs) Indigo

glensfork4 said...

Aww Allison...I am so sorry you had such a bad week...My prayers will be with you and Carrie....I know how difficult it is to watch this unfold before you (with Carrie)...

Sorry about the accident...use a heating pad for the soreness....


mleighin21st said...

So conservative you make George Bush look like Jerry Garcia?  Oh my.  Not what I would expect out of you.  Ah well.   I'm glad to hear you're okay after the accident(sorry about the car though).  You Have Had a rough week.  Hopefully things will improve soon.  Hang in there kiddo.  I'll send along some positive energy for you and keep Carrie in my thoughts and prayers.
                                {{{Allison}}}        Leigh

stupidsheetguy said...

Здравствулте!, я надеюсь что вы готовы на славный, ослабляя викэнд. Было хорошо увидеть вас.

imgr8phil said...

Oh poor sweetie.  I hope you are ok.   I'm worried about you.  I hate to see you in pain.  If there is anything I can do let me know please.  BTW, What is Jimmy's trip?  Is he Russian or something?  Can't understand what he is saying there.  Take care baby.


gazker said...

Me thinks ya should sue the biatch who went into ya! After all driving an SUV isn't exactly an envormentaly friendly thing to do ;-)
PS, I hope your'e ok

monponsett said...

You should have gotten out of the car and kicked her candy @ss, seeing as you screwed up the potential lawsuit by not making them haul you away in an ambulance.

Me, I'd have snuck one good look at the rearview to see if the SUV was a high-end brand indicative of a potential lucrative legal action. If it was, I'd stay in my seat and scream like Godzilla was chasing me. If the SUV was some uninsured junker, I'd spring at the girl with my tire iron (I'm 5 feet tall and French...I'd most likely need a weapon, even against like a high school girl). It'd be like Grrrrrr.....BAM!

Even if I'm not hurt in the accident, and even if my car isn't damaged... going unavenged can have long-lasting psychological ramifications. You did nothing wrong, but were made to suffer... quite badly, it seems. If you allow that to go unopposed, you start to lose faith in the system.

God/Allah/Yahweh is no Fool... and he wouldn't have made Vengeance if he didn't want us to use it and benefit from it.

johhnw said...

I am so sorry about your accident.  (see comment above)   I am sorry about the bad experience with the children.  It will happen again, and probably yet again.   But, for people such as you that reach out and try to make a difference..   there is a very special place in heaven ...    you have my undying respect.  luvya   john

helloimkara said...

So sorry about your car accident!!!!  I would have slugged the lady!  Makes me so mad when people drive carelessly.  I hope work gets better soon.

Kara :)