Friday, March 28, 2008

Late Friday Night

Hi everyone.  I hope your Friday was a good and that your Saturday and Sunday will be full of fun, friendship and Love!
I went out looking at cars tonight with Heather.  She has been urging me to get a BMW.  Where as I cannot afford the model that Heather has, there is a model or two that is affordable for me and I think that I am now leaning towards getting one.  Here is a link to the model I may be getting.
My Uncle Phil will be going to a baseball game tomorrow night and I would have loved to go but I am going to a concert.  I heard on the news tonight that at that baseball game they are expecting 115,000 fans.  That is so incredible.  I heard the record for a baseball game is 93,000 and the record for a game in any sport was a USC game against Notre Dame in 1929 at Soldier Field in Chicago and there were 112,000 for that.  Have fun with the crowd Phil.  LOL
Have a happy day everyone.  Luv ya!
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lisa41076 said...

Allison, your new car is awesome hon, Have a good weekend, Love Ya Lisa

cherry2sweet2eat said...

hope you get insurance for that car.

nightmaremom said...

Nice choice.. that is what my son wanted... then he realized it's just a car and those kind of payments are outragious.  LOL  
Heard about that game.. that will be madness!

yakima127 said...

Wow.  Nice.  I hope you follow through with that purchase!

A crowd like that would have me staying home in front of the TV!

glensfork4 said...

I told Phil that I wish I was going to that game...I can't wait for opening day for my White Sox.....

Nice car....

Have a great day Allison.


gazker said...

I hope Uncle Phil don't have to go pee!
Gaz ;-) xxxx

emmi2sweet said...

whoa ... hope you can get insurance for the car. Emmi